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Successful Customers Talk!

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What happens when you find yourself spending most of your day fixing stuff, troubleshooting tech and fielding complaints?

You start to feel like you’re drowning, you’re at affect, you’re just trying to survive.

That’s how our agency found itself and we were getting very tired.

We started to dream.

What would it feel like to swim and not drown? What would it look like to be in charge and not at affect? How would our agency operate if we were thriving instead of just surviving?

It came down to one simple idea.

How could we move from a reactive, Customer Support model and bias our work more strongly towards a proactive Customer Success model?

This question, and the change of perspective changed everything!

We took a look around and realized that the tech we were using was one of the weak links. We needed software that would allow us to spend less time reacting to problems and give us more time to think about, and execute strategies that made our clients more successful.

This was the thought that sowed the seed for creating Tymbrel.

Give us more time to do things that help grow our customers businesses and let us spend less time just trying to stay in business.

It worked well.

Successful customers talk.

The more time we spent helping our clients run more successful businesses, the more success they had. The more success they had, the more people they told about our work.

Your successful customers are your best marketing tool.

Running a successful agency requires you pay attention to both support and the success of your customers.

Getting the mix between the two right made all the difference for us.

The philosophy behind Tymbrel’s origin was to give you a piece of software that would help your agency spend less time fixing broken tech and more time on generating Customer Success.

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