Stay ahead of the curve with the evolving Tymbrel Platform.

With our cloud-based SaaS software, you're always using the latest version of the Tymbrel Platform.

Tymbrel Platform Updates

Start living a 'plugin-free' life!

Wouldn't you much prefer to use talent and resources doing what's valuable to your clients' businesses – rather than spending time fixing 'broken' plugins or installing security updates?

And let Tymbrel take care of the updates.

The Tymbrel Platform is evolving software, with a built-in suite of business tools that is updated weekly and pushed out through the cloud. All security patches, performance improvements and new features are available to you the moment they are ready.

This saves both time and internal resources, allowing you to focus on the content execution that's important to your clients.

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Cloud Computing Technology & Hosting

The Tymbrel Platform is hosted on cloud computing technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to deliver a consistently fast solution to our clients, and ensures maximum availability, uptime and SEO value.

Included Features:

  • Daily backups
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Enterprise-class security

Get the speed, security and redundancy demanded of other global companies (think Netflix, Adobe and Pintrest) without the high carrying costs typically associated with an enterprise-level hosting environment.

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