Training & Technnical Support

Unlimited Training & Technical Support with your active Agency Account.

We support your success with unlimited training direct to your agency team. 

Tymbrel Platform Training

With your active Agency Account, free, on-going training and education on Tymbrel best-practices is provided to you and your team* through unlimited access to training videos and on-line webinars, including basic introductory CMS training and App-specific training sessions. We also run a weekly LIVE Introduction to Tymbrel Webinar, that you team members, as well as agency clients, can join.

Dashboard Help

One of our long standing pet peeves is when we have to go 'off-site' to find help for work we are doing 'on-site'. So, we've made detailed Help Files are available for each App, with access in one click – no need to search a Help Database for the answers to immediate questions.

Plus, we've embedded all our training videos right into your Tymbrel Dashboard. Forget how to change a Nav button? No problem. Flip over to the Training App and click the link to the pop-up video.

It's all designed to help you learn fast, save time and keep moving!

Technical Support

The monthly subscription for each website includes unlimited technical support for your agency team* for hosting issues and technical questions regarding the use of the Tymbrel Platform, via phone or email. Phone support is available during regular office hours – Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST.  

*IMPORTANT: With your Agency Account Pricing, we support you and you support your clients. So, other than your clients potentially listening in on a live webinar, they'll call you, not us, for support.

Response Times

  • Technical Support - During our regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST), we typically respond immediately or within 30 minutes; documentation is provided in written or screenshot format, via email, in combination with phone conversation, if required.
  • Bug Reports - Immediate or up to 30-minute response time to submission of a bug report during regular business hours. Completion of a specific fix is dependent upon the complexity of issue, but usually within 24 hours. Documentation and tracking is provided using Freshdesk.

Situations where you will NOT incur support costs:

  • Questions about how to use the Tymbrel Platform and Apps to add, delete or change website content.

Situations where you MAY incur support costs:

  • Technical problem troubleshooting related to third party software integration or relationships (e.g., Email, MailChimp, Google Business Account Issues, DNS Settings).
  • Situations where your team may have altered something in the website template that needs to be fixed; or when a change or update to the website template is requested.
  • Requests by you for Tymbrel to change existing content or functionality and/or create (e.g., design, write, program) and upload new content or functionality.

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