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There's been a lot going on with Tymbrel lately, and we need to bring you all up to speed! Below, we've organized the new Platform updates by Tymbrel App, to make it easy for you learn about these new features.

Redesign Menu - Actions


'Actions' Menu Redesign

When viewing any list in your dashboard the Actions Column has been simplified so that you can quickly find the exact action you want to take.

As you'll see in the screenshot, intuitive action icons appear as you roll over your content. Each with a quick tooltip that appears when you roll over it so you'll know exactly what each button will do.

Business Icons & Emojis | Font Awesome | Tymbrel Websites


Business Icon Library Powered by FontAwesome

Your Tymbrel content editor has a helpful new feature – an icon library that allows you to add business icons and emojis into your content.

Font Awesome icons adhere to the size of your content, so if you put the icon in your H3 heading, you'll get an appropriately sized icon in your heading.

Authors | Blog App Tools | Tymbrel Websites



You can now create and assign Authors to your blog posts. Your readers can then click on the Author to read the other content they've written.

This will help your authors feel more engaged, and help your readers to find more great content from their favourite authors.

Gift Vouchers | SimpleCart eCommerce | Tymbrel Websites


Gift Vouchers

It's like an online gift card! Gift Voucher Codes can be created in any denomination.

Then, your customer can redeem the codes during checkout as part or all of their payment.

Customer Accounts | SimpleCart eCommerce | Tymbrel Websites


Customer Accounts

Your regular customers and clients can now create a Customer Account so that when they return to your website, they can log in and place orders without re-entering all of that tedious billing and shipping information!

Member Registration Products | SimpleCart eCommerce | Tymbrel Websites


Member Registration Products

Member Registration Products enhance automation of your online business. With this update, your customers can purchase access to private members-only products, with automatic setup and notification. 

You've been able to set up a purchase process for your members area for quite some time, but now you can create Members, assign them to a Member Group, and send them a custom welcome email automatically, via their access purchase.

This is a great way to set up a Pay Wall for online content such as:

  • Online Learning
  • Private Members-Only Premium Content
  • Video Libraries
  • Online Training Courses
  • Private Event Info 
  • Members-Only Private Product Purchases & Rates
  • and more!
Download Order Data | SimpleCart eCommerce | Tymbrel Websites


Enhanced Order Data Reports

You can now export extremely detailed reports about orders from a specific date range. You get an Excel-compatible CSV file with line items for every SKU purchased through your SimpleCart store.

This allows you to see all the purchase details at a glance, including SKU, price, taxes, totals, vouchers and promotions. 

Using the Members App? When your members place an order, you will have their up-to-date member profile information at your fingertips in these reports, so you can track who your biggest customers are.

Tymbrel Version History & Recovery


Web Page History & Recovery

Ever made a few changes to a web page and regretted your decision? Us too. So we built page built a history and recovery feature into the App!

From now on, every time you save, it's now possible to restore your web page back to a previous version.


Our help documentation in each App shows you where everything is, and we have Video Tutorials in the Training App!

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